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Railway in Yunnan
Yunnan is the only province in China where the standard gauge railway (gauge: 1.435m ), meter gauge railway (gauge: 1m ) and inch gauge railway (gauge: 0.6m ) coexist; thus, Yunnan enjoys the repu?tation of the Railway Museum . Now, there is an exhibition hall of Yunnan narrow gauge railway history in Kaiyuan City.

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Of the Yunnan railways, Kunming - Hekou Railway is a meter gauge railway, a section of Yunnan - Vietnam Railway, and the first railway in Yunnan . It is 464km long, and was built during die period of 1900 - 1910 and open to traffic in 1910. Jijie - Gejiu Sub - line, 33km long, is the only inch railway in China . The standard gauge rail?ways have been built after the 1960s, of which, Guiyang - Kunming Railway has a section of 341 km in Yunnan and was open to traffic on March 11,1966. Chengdu - Kunming Railway has a total length of 1,100 km , and its Yunnan section is 282 km , and was open to traffic on July 1st, 1970. Nanning - Kunming Railway has a total length of 898 km , and its Yunnan section is 306km and was open to traffic in December 1st, 1997. In addition, Kunming - Yuxi Railway and Guangtong- Dali Railway have also been put into operation, and Nei-jiang-Kunming Railway has been under construction.

Now on the 4 trunk lines of railway: Guiyang - Kunming, Chengdu - Kun?ming, Nanning - Kunming and Kunming - Hekou railways, passenger trains and cargo trains run between Beijing, Shanghai, Xi an, Chongqing, Guangzhou, Beihai as well as Hanoi in Vietnam.

   9 days Kunming, Dali, Lijiang, Zhongdian

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