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Diqing Prefecture Map of Deqen(Diqing) Prefecture,Yunnan
Diqing「Shangri-La」Diqing Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture or Shangri-la is located in a delta where northwest Yunnan borders on Sichuan and Tibet. With three counties, Zhongdian, Deqin, and Weixi under its jurisdiction.

Some 168 km northwest of Zhongdian is the last outpost of Yunnan before Tibet-Deqin town and county. The county has an average elevation of 3550 m and is 80% Tibetan, though a dozen other minorityies are found here, including one of the few settlements of non-hui Muslims in China. For borderholics, east is Sichuan, west is Tibet, and Myanmar lies southwest.

Located at the central of the world natural heritage of "the-three-parallel-river-area", middle of the Hengduan Mountains which is the south section of the Qingzang Plateau, Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture of Diqing is a world Class-A geomorphologic and geological nature and history heritage, and the seat of the new oceanic glacier with the lowest altitude at the same latitude zone, with the typical research value in geology, and in protecting lives variety, rare cultural value and particular sightseeing value.

Here ridges and peaks rise one after another, lakes and rivers crisscross everywhere, the turbulent rivers crash their ways through forward among high mountains and deep valleys. The relative altitude between the famous Tiger Leaping Gorge and the wonderful and graceful Kagebo Peak of Meili Snow Mountain reaches 5040meters. With the increase of altitude, the plants of all natural belts are presented in order. So the Deqen Plateau, with a 2.4-latitude range from the south to the north, has been list as one of the areas with various lives and the richest ecological sceneries of the world. Thus cause the saying that here one can travel around the Northern Hemisphere in only one day.

Being various and moving is the specialty of the natural views in Deqen. Here at the mountain bottom, the Jinsha River and Lancang River are rolling ahead ceaselessly, the famous First Bend of the Yangze River and the mystic Shangri-La Great Gorge attract tourists from the whole world; In the mountainside, there are vast cloud, virgin forest, beautiful plateau lake, sub-alpine meadow with flocks and herds, Baishuitai and Xianren Cave, and a lot of rare animals and plants; On the top, there are lofty peaks of Meili Snow Mountain, Haba Snow Mountain and Baimang Snow Mountain and grand glaciers standing, moraine lakes scattered all over like stars in the sky, and alpine flowers and rare medicinal herbs spreading the whole meadow.

The different natural environments distributed vertically have supplied different existing areas for the people of twenty-five nationalities, mainly consisting of Tibetan, which have different climate belts. That causes the rich national culture of Deqen. Here Tibetan character, Chinese character, Naxi pictograph, and Lisu character, Ben bo, Lamaism, Dongba, Christianism, Catholicism, Islamism, Taoism are spreading, existing and developing together and attracting many persons. The different national culture of Deqen. That makes the Deqen Plateau become "the Hornetown of Hundreds of Nations" with the best research value in the multiple minority culture.

In a word, the various geomorphology, geology, scenery and national culture of Diqing have become the preponderant resources to develop the tourism industry, which has been regarded as a pillar to the economic development of Deqen.

Shangri-La is also a paradise for mountaineers. Over one hundred snow-capped peaks present endless challenges for mountain climbers. Among these peaks, the Thirteen Princes are all over 6,000 meters high and are among the most mysterious and precipitous. The Kagebo Peak, known as "Chief of the Eight Sacred Peaks," soars as high as 6,740 meters and towers over the surrounding mountains. In the 20th century, mankind has set foot on the summit of Everest many times but has failed to conquer the Kagebo Peak.
Deqen(Diqing) Prefecture,Yunnan
Shangri-La features a simple but peaceful life; friendly and honest interpersonal relationships; pious and persistent religious beliefs; and local people who are kind,uninhibited and unsophisticated. It provides visitors with a chance to enjoy unforgettable moments without any stress and confusion while enveloped in a natural environment, which is remarkably charming and incredibly welcoming, thanks to the hospitality of the local ethnic groups.

   9 days Kunming, Dali, Lijiang, Zhongdian

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Diqing Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture or Shangri-la is located in a delta where northwest Yunnan borders on Sichuan and Tibet. With three counties, Zhongdian, Deqin, and Weixi under its

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