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Yangtze River Cruise - Ship List  
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  • Snow Mountain
  • Regal China
  • Oriental Emperor
  • Yangtze Paradise/President
  • East Queen
  • Dragon
  • Victoria
  • President No.1
  • East King
  • Princess Sissi
  • Emperor
  • Yangtze River/President No.4
  • Yangtze Princess
  • Yangtze Angel
  • Serenity (Pinghu)
  • Sunshine China
  • Yangtze Pearl
  • Splendid China
  • Yangtze Star
  • Three Kingdoms

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    Highlights include the famed Three Gorges - Qutang Gorge, Wu Gorge & Xiling Gorge, showcasing dramatic scenery, deep valleys, verdant landscapes and stunning vistas; shore excursions of the Small Gorges with visits to either Shennong Stream Gorges or the Daning River; and the Three Gorges Dam Site, the world's largest construction project and an engineering marvel.

    Cruise features professional, well-trained local staff; a full range of facilities; excellent cuisine (both Western and Chinese specialties); standard cabins offering comfortable accommodations as well as luxuriously-appointed suites; interesting lectures on history and culture; live entertainment featuring traditional performing arts; and more.

    The cruise prices on our web pages cover the expenses of shipboard accommodations in standard cabins, meals, shore excursions and most entertainment aboard the vessel.

    The cruise prices do not include pre-boarding fee the night before the departure, expenses of a purely personal nature such as laundry, drinks, fax, telephone call and optional activities.

    Every ship has different schedule for upstream (Yichang to Chongqing) and down stream (Chongqing to Yichang), the ship tries to pass the most splendid part of the gorges in the day time. However, the following differences are still worth considering when you decide which to take.

    - Shore excursions. The places that a ship will stop for shore excursions are the Ghost City, the Wan county, the Shibaozhai, the White Emperor City, the Lesser Three Gorges, the Shennong Stream, the Three Gorges dam site, the Jingzhou and the Yueyang Tower. Every ship has its own itinerary and won't cover them all. Even as to a single ship, itineraries of upstream and downstream sailings are also probably different. Take the itinerary of Regal China in 2003 for an instance. The shore excursions are to the Ghost City, the Shennong Stream and the Three

    Gorges dam site when the ship sails downstream and to the Three Gorges dam site, the Lesser Three Gorges and Wan county when sailing upstream.

    - Time. Sailings upstream take one or two more days than sailings downstream.

    - Price. Price of upstream sailings is lower than that of downstream sailings for large part of the ships.

    Yangtze Cruise and China tour packages

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