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Yangshuo is a perfect place for 2 to 4 days weekend holidays, hundreds of trekking route available. In the day time, stroll around the green mountains, crystal rivers and lakes, rice paddies for fun; At night, meet new friends from different background on West Street. So many people miss this place when they are working in their well-decorated big office, and keep on coming back, can't explain why...

Trekking Route in Yangshuo

Green Lotus peak. This karst peak is located just behind West Street and on the West Bank of the Li river. The climb is on a very small path which is dangerous after rain, but if you get to the top, you will get fantastic views of Yangshuo, the Li river and the surrounding countryside.

Moon Hill. This climb is on a established footpath with established steps up until the hoe in the hiking trail in yangshuo,guilin (Click to see details) mountain. From here to the top, the path becomes muddy but not very difficult. From the top, you can view the fields around the county of Gaotian. To do this climb, you will need to get to moon hill. The most common way is to incorporate Moon hill into a day of bike riding. You can also get here by hiring a motorised rickshaw, or by taking a local bus. The entrance into moon hill is 9 Yuan and if you have a bike, there is a 1 Yuan parking fee.

Hike Xingping to Yangdi. This one is a favorite with everyone who does it. The hike follows paths which are beside the Li river. This section of the river is regarded as the most spectacular of the Li River. You will first need to get transport to Xingping. Local buses do the trip from Yangshuo regularly and cost 5.50 Yuan. The you need to pay the 16 Yuan entrance fee which also covers the use of three local ferries to cross the Li River. The walk takes as long as you want, but anything from 3 to 5 hours is the normal rate. During the walk, you will need to cross across the river three times as the path on the side you are on ends and continues on the other side. You will go past small villages such as LangShi and Shangtong, and observe rural life at its best. A young lady has set up a small guesthouse along the way and makes an ideal place for a short rest or if you want a bit of solitude, you can also stay the night.

stone village,yangshuo (Click to see details) You continue walking until you reach Yangdi. From here you can get back to Yangshuo on the local buses and cost 8 Yuan.

There are an endless amount of hikes around here. A lesser know walk, is the one that heads North from Yangshuo along the West bank of the Li river. On this hike, you will not run into many other travellers, so you will feel like you are on your own. You follow the Li river for a shot while, before walking into small villages where the children will scream "hello" to you. You will see the farmers working in the fields, ladies washing the vegetables or clothes, young children playing, and water buffaloes wandering around and having a dip in the ponds to cool themselves down. The walk can take as long as you like as there are many different paths you can take.

For all these hikes, a local guide is not absolutely necessary but we definitely recommend you take one as they can always describe the different plants and ways of life of the local people you encounter. Local guides do add to your experience. There are many local guides in Yangshuo. Many walk up and down West Street and talking to visitors trying to drum up business. Take the one that makes you feel comfortable. If you are not sure, then we can also suggest a local guide to suit your needs.

Local Home-stay trekking tour in Guilin

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