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    travel blog Is the tap water drinkable in China?    Author: unca   Questions? Tell us

    Tap water is not drinkable in China except in some of the hotels, but it is safe for brushing teeth. All hotels supply guests in the room with a thermos of hot boiled water to make tea or coffee. Bottled water is recommended. Some hotels provide complimentary bottled water. If not, it can be purchased for about $0.25 to $0.75 per bottle everywhere.

    travel blog How to tip in China   Author: foring   Questions? Tell us

    What are your suggestions about tipping?

    Tipping has become a common practice in tourism industry in China in recent years although gratuities are entirely voluntary, not required. It is quite normal to tip the tour guide, driver and hotel bellboy in recognition of their good service. Normally, you do not need to tip at hotel restaurant as the bill includes 10% to 15% service charge and it is not customary to leave tips at local restaurant unless you are highly satisfied with their food and service.

    For a person who earns US$ 100 per month, a US$ 10 tip is about 3 days' wages. Up-market hotels and some restaurants may slap a 5% service charge on top of the government's 10% value-added tax (VAT). This service charge might be considered a mandatory tip, though it's doubtful that much of it reaches the employees. In general, if you stay a couple of days in the same hotel it's not such a bad idea to tip the staff who clean your room - US$ 2 should be enough.

    You should also consider tipping drivers and guides - after all, the time they spend on the road with you means time away from home and family, especially when they accompany with you at night for overtime. Ditto if you take a day tour with a group - the guides and drivers are paid next to nothing. Typically, travelers on minibus tours will pool together to collect a communal tip separately for guide and driver.

    For group of 1-4 passengers, recommend tipping policy is:
    About US$ 5 per day (per tourist) for guide, US$ 2 per day (per tourist) for driver is standard. Of course, give more if you're feeling generous, but if you find a genuine reason not to tip, don't.

    For group of 5 passengers and above, recommend tipping policy is:
    About US$ 2 per day (per tourist) for guide, US$ 1 per day (per tourist) for driver is standard. Of course, give more if you're feeling generous, but if you find a genuine reason not to tip, don't.

    travel blog How do I meet my tour guide upon arrival?   Author: grace   Questions? Tell us

    After you have cleared custom formalities and claimed your baggage(s), please proceed to the exit. Your guide will be waiting for you there with a sign of your name.

    travel blog Can I travel to Tibet independently?   Author: lina   Questions? Tell us

    According to the Chinese official regulations, foreign tourist cannot travel to Tibet independently. You have to book a tour package to Tibet through a travel agency. You need a special travel permit to enter Tibet in addition to a valid China visa. We could arrange any tailored tour package to Tibet for you. Please contact us for further details if you are interested.

    travel blog What should I pack for my trip to China?   Author: cici   Questions? Tell us

    The rule is to pack lightly, and bring casual clothes. A sturdy, comfortable pair of walking shoes is a necessity. A sports coat and a nice shirt for man, and one or two dresses or pantsuits for women will suit the most formal occasions to be encountered in China. Travelers should bring shirts, sweaters and jackets that can be worn in layers to suit a range of climates. Shorts (for both men and women) are fine for summer days though not recommended when visiting religious shrines. Remember, dress for Comfort, not for Style.

    Checklist: Electrical converter and adapter plugs. China's electrical system operates at 220 volts. Razor, alarm clock.

    Common toiletries, cold and digestive medications, lip balm, sanitary napkins and any over-the-counter medicines you generally use.

    Chewing gum, mints or throat lozenges to keep your mouth moist.

    Reading materials, including a guidebook on the places you will visit.

    Sunscreen lotion and sunglasses.

    A light raincoat or an umbrella.

    Camera & film. And be sure to pack extra batteries and a charger.

    A notebook to keep track of all the exciting things happening on the trip.

    Total Articles: 52    Pages: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11

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