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(Text by Tang Minjia) 2004-4-19 11:16:52

Ziyuan is a beautiful county in Guilin. I heard of its beauty many years ago and was inspired to visit by a yearning to see its enchanting scenery. So, I got on the bus and began my journey in Ziyuan.

White Water Rafting in Ziyuan, Guilin, ChinaAfter a 2 hour trip from Guilin, I reached the small county that I had long anticipated seeing. The guide told us that a boat journey on Zijiang River was an experience not to be missed, so we picked up our cameras and took to the water. The journey to the wharf and the boat was not far, and I was certain that water would be the best vantage point from which to view Ziyuan. I had never seen a river as clear as Zijiang; it was easy to see fish, water plants and pebbles in the water. The water was so green that I could not help putting my hands in it to enjoy its cool and refreshing qualities. Alongside the river, there were many beautiful mountains. These mountains have more than 130 scene spots between them, such as Sail Stone, Sanniang (the third girl) Stone, Eye Stone and Torch Mountain. The shapes of the mountains were vivid and almost every scene spot has its legend. Listening to the guide?s explanation, I was surprised at the local people?s imagination and culture.

During our boat journey, we passed a village called Langtian where Yao people lived. Langtian Village is the biggest minority village near the Zijiang River. We stopped and were invited into the village by the enthusiastic Yao people who were ready in wait for visitors. Ziyuan is a region where ethnic minorities live; the major ethnicities are Yao and Miao, who still retain their customs and unique lifestyles. We enjoyed the Langtian people?s distinctive dances such as the Rattle Stick Dance; Yelling Dance and Stamp Dance. We also played a funny game called Carry the Bride, which is a special custom of Yao people.

Leaving, Langtian Village, we continued on our journey. I breathed in the fresh air, admired the blue sky and the green water and listened to the birdsong. I would dare to say that if you were here, all of your troubles would quickly fade to irrelevance.

The second day and third day, we went to Bajiao (eight-horn) Mountain, Baoding Waterfall and Wupai River.

Bajiao Mountain is named for its peak whose shape is similar to that of eight horns. The main peak?s height above is 814 meters above sea level; it is surrounded by a group of mountains and shrouded in clouds which help it to appear as mystic as it is magnificent. The appearance of Bajiao Mountain is a rarity. Baoding Waterfall was praised by famous Chinese ancient tourist Xu Xiake. Its height is nearly 700 meters, divided into nine smaller stages. Of these the fifth one is the most magnificent in both size and appearance

At Ziyuan, I also ate many delicious edible wild herbs, which are not only pleasant tasting, but also possessed of health-giving qualities. I had spent many happy days here and was reluctant to leave. Therefore I introduce this beautiful place to you now. Furthermore I would suggest that if you pay this place a visit, you will fall in love with it too.

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