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Frequent asked questions for our trek and bike tours


We have done all the research for you. We have sought out the best trails, both long and short, challenging and gentle. We have walks for you, we have hikes, we provide bikes in China, you do not need ship them across Pacific Ocean. Whether it's five miles along rolling carriage roads you desire or a steeper ascent to a rocky peak, we have both.          Profile of our team

We always have two guides per trip to accommodate both slower and faster players and to appeal to the casual but enthusiastic new friends as well as the experienced players. Our groups are small and personal (around 10 people per trip) and our experienced guides are always eager to share their love and knowledge of the natural world.

Easy or difficult?  
treking in Guizhou (Click to see details)On each day we try to offer an easy/moderate route as well as a more challenging option. People who choose the easier option may well be walking or cycling on fairly level and easy paths or country lanes some days, but will also be taking more moderate trails on other days. A moderate hike or bike ride would involve 5 to 6 miles on terrain that may include rocks and roots, and with elevation gains up to about 800 feet.  People who choose harder routes should expect up to 9 or 10 miles with greater elevation changes.

If the road condition is safe for driving, our support vehicle takes all your luggages which you think it will be impossible to carry when you are hiking or cycling.

Sometimes we need to pack all foods, chairs, silver knives and folks and set up tables in advance, some times lunch box is prpared. Our tour leaders have good reputation of preparing simple western breakfast in some remote areas...You might find food precessor, fresh fruit, clean tissue, bottle water, knife and folk on our support van...

First Aid
Hiking along the river valley, fisherman and fishing bird on li river,yangshuo (Click to see details)the most convenient transportation tool is bamboo raft.  All other first aid facilities have been prepared in advance if necessray. We have visited these places for many times and know how far away from the nearest hospital..
Who hike & cycle ?  

Biking in YangshuoWell that is a hard question to answer. The diversity of our groups is something that we and, we are told, our friends enjoy to come back again and again. People come from all walks of life from across the country and beyond! The groups are generally a mix of couples, singles and some families. Ours is a great holiday to try if you are traveling alone. Almost half our frineds fall into this category. People of all ages enjoy our trips every year.

Read Mr. NICK BOWLEY's article for 7 days trip

Newly released routes:  
Following a winding trail along rocky Tiger Leaping Gorge
Reaching a scenic mountaintop vista in Danba
Visiting picturesque villages far from the beaten track in Guizhou
Exploring historic carriage roads in Sichuan
Discovering meadows carpeted with wildflowers in Wenhai
More Questions  

What will I have to carry on the trail?
A. In most of the conditions when road is OK to drive, all your luggage will be transported in our vans, so that the only thing on your back will be a small day pack. The guides even carry most of the lunch items!

Am I too young or too old?
A. It seems that age has no relevance! As long as you are in good physical condition and enjoy meeting people of all ages, you'll enjoy the trip.

This is my first hike or bike trip- will I be able to handle it?
A. Yes, provided you are in reasonably good physical condition. Remember, our 2 guides allow for different paces and routes.

I'm single. Will I be out of place?
A. Our groups generally comprise about half couples, half singles. Whatever the make up of the group, we take pride in making everyone feel comfortable so that they enjoy the hiking holiday with us.

What exactly is included in the cost?
A. Unlike many other tours, there are no hidden costs on our holidays. Our price includes all your lodging and all your meals as well as all lodging and dining taxes. If our team have offered perfect service and support, gratuities is appreciated. By being a small company whose owners work in the office and on the trail, we are able to offer great value for your money on all our trips. Also, when we say "a 5-day trip" we mean 4 nights of lodging and meals, an 8-day trip is 7 nights, etc.

We are a group of friends. Can you arrange a tour just for us?
A. Certainly. If you have 8 or more people in your party, we can arrange a customized tour to any of our destinations for the length of time and date that suits you. We specialize in arranging many such tours each year. Just give us a call.

I am on a special diet, can I be accommodated?
A. As long as we have prior notice, we have no problem accommodating special dietary requests such as: vegetarian, low fat, etc.

What do I need to bring?
A. When you sign up for a trip you will be sent a complete list of what you will need to bring. Apart from a small day pack, poncho, and hiking boots, you will not need to purchase any special gear for one of our trips.

Do we actually walk and bike from inn to inn?
A. On some days our trail starts at the inn's door. More often, however, we provide transportation to the best hiking trails nearby and then onto the next inn or back to the same inn.

What type of footwear do I need?
A. When you sign up for a trip you will be sent more details, but generally we recommend comfortable, above ankle, lightweight hiking boots. Tennis or walking shoes, made for flat surfaces are not recommended.

What if it rains?
A. We have never had a day when we didn't hike or bike due to rain! In fact, some of our most memorable trips have been on wet days when a sudden clearing and rainbow appeared. No one has to hike and bike in the rain but those that do usually find the experience invigorating and worthwhile.

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