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Cultural activities - Add-on Cultural activities in different cities in China

You have spent thousands of dollars to fly to China, and have booked some part of day tour programs, how about taking some evening activities? Please read the following background Knowledges of traditional Chinese culture first, find the interesting programs, which we can arrange in some cities..

Art of Kungfu    Bamboo culture   Chinese cart   Chinese Tea Culture
Traditional Chinese music   Chinese painting  Religion of Daoism   Religion of Buddhism
Religion of Muslem   Story of Baxian   Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM)

The cost for the following local add-on programs is listed as below. Highly recommend you to select one of the Optional Add-ons to supplement the itinerary.

Optional add-on activities
Beijing  3-hour Houhai Bar Street at night $20 USD p.p   
  One day Mutianyu Great Wall trekking $64 USD p.p   
  One Day Simatai Great Wall Trekking $91 USD p.p   new
3-hour Peking Duck Dinner and Acrobat Show at night $55 USD p.p  
  3-hour Kungfu Show at night $20 USD p.p   new
  3-hour Beijing Opera Show at night $20 USD p.p   
  3-hour Rickshaw Ride in Hutong $38 USD p.p   
  3-hour Xiushui Street Shopping $20 USD p.p   
Hong Kong Half Day Hong Kong Island Tour     $79 USD p.p 
  Half Day Kowloon and New Territories Tour     $79 USD p.p  
  Half Day KowloonTour     $79 USD p.p  
  Half Day Ocean Park Tour     $110 USD p.p  
  One Day Hong Kong Disneyland Tour     $130 USD p.p  
  One Day Macao Tour     $188 USD p.p   
  One Day Outlying Islands Tour     $152 USD p.p  
Xian   One day of Mt. Huashan  $91 USD p.p  
  One day of Qianling Temple & local family visit $86 USD p.p   
  Half day of Stone Steles, Historical Museum  $45 USD p.p   
  3-hour Dinner Show of Tang Dynasty  $45 USD p.p   
  One day Huangdi Mauseleum & Xuanyan Temple $137 USD p.p  
Shanghai  3-hour Cruise on Huangpu River $40 USD p.p
  One Day City Tour to see the Locals $56 USD p.p
  One Day Tour to Zhujiajiao Water Village $98 USD p.p
  One Day Trip to Zhouzhuang Water Town $98 USD p.p 
  3-hour night entertainment of Acrobat Show $40 USD p.p
One Day trip to Suzhou to See Gardens $98 USD p.p new
  One Day Trip to Hangzhou $125 USD p.p 
Suzhou  One Day Trip to Tongli $ 98 USD p.p 
  One Day Trip to Luzi $ 98 USD p.p  
  One Day Trip to Wuxi $ 98 USD p.p  
Hangzhou One Day Trip to Wuzhen Ancient Town $98 USD p.p
  One Day Trip to Shaoxing Ancient Town $98 USD p.p
  One Day Trip to Xitang Ancient Village $98 USD p.p  new
Guilin  2-hour Taiji Learning $16 USD p.p  
  2-hour Kung Fu Learning $22 USD p.p  
  Half-day Chinese Cooking Class $19 USD p.p  
  Half-Day Muddy Bath Adventure in Yangshuo $22 USD p.p  
  One-day Drifting on the Longjing River $58 USD p.p  
  One-day Longsheng Jinkeng Rice Terrace $93 USD p.p  new
  One-day Ling Canal + Merryland Theme Park $95 USD p.p 
Chengdu Vegetarian Meals in Wenshu Temple $20 USD p.p  new
  Sichuan Dimsum Snack Meals $20 USD p.p  
  Sichuan Hot Pot Meal $20 USD p.p  
  Sichuan Opera in local tea House $20 USD p.p  
  Chengdu Catholic Church Morning Mass $20 USD p.p  
  Chengdu Old Street (Kuan Lane) Hikking tour $20 USD p.p  
  Chengdu bird and flower market visit $20 USD p.p  

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