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About Us - our tour consultant in China


Billy - Tour DirectorAfter working with China's largest tour operator, I travelled China extensively, falling in love with the warmth of Chinese people, and the magic of this wonderful land captivated my heart and soul and I decided to start our own travel company and share that magic with others.

Now, I organise special groups for travelling in China. I am the Managing Director and the co-founder of our company,

With varied professional career, including working as deputy director of sales of marketing at Holiday Inn Guilin, plenty of marketing experience taught me a lot about the world, but my most prized education is the one I have gained while travelling.

I graduated from Shanghai Foreign Language University in 1990, then I worked as an English-speaking tour guide in my hometown - Guilin. Until now I can never forget my experience on my first working day. When I was waiting at the airport, holding a name sign, my hands were shaking, my throat was dry, my eyes were looking all direction to try to find if there was any help available, and I murmured again and again how to give welcome speech to my incoming guests. When I saw two westerners walking directly to me and said: " Good evening.” I lost my voice temporarily.

I am not sure if they are still living in that lovely island of Tasmania, Australia. Thank you, Mr. and Mrs. Crawford, I wish you could read all these words, which I have not said to you directly in these years. Thank you for your patience and understanding, for your passion of love to Chinese culture. I will always cherish the happy memories staying with you, looking forward to visiting Tasmania one day, and drink a whole bottle of Barcadi with you together, again.

Orlando is the sisiter city of my hometown Guilin.  In 1994, I had a chance to work in EPCOT Center, Walt Disney World, Orlando, Florida. I ran a 360 degree movie in China pavilion there, taught kids how to use Chinese brushes to paint Chinese painting, to write Chinese words, asked kids to stay in line for taking pictures with Snow White, and dressed up as safety guard during the time when the firework show of "Illumination" at night...

I remembered many parents had to take your kids to visit there every summer, that was the only destination which the kids had in mind, and I was nice and sweet in every show, many kids had my autography...

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The experience there had offered me a chance to understand more of the culture difference between east and west, a good opportunity to learn knowledge of modern hospitality industry.

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I've got to tell you something... From Lina      

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