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With a history of over 1400 years, Yangshuo,located in the northease of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region and southeast of Guilin City, was founded in the tenth year (590) of Kaihuang's regime in Sui Dynasty (581-618 A.D.). It is 65 km by land but 83 km by river from the Guilin urban area.

trekking holiday in Yangshuo Yangshuo has typical harst formations. The 63-km of the Li River that run through it exhibits the essence of the river's scenery. Within its borders, the natural scenery features unique karst hills, crystal water, exquisite stones and intricate caves as well as a cultural historic heritage and folks of diverse customs.Richly endowed by nature, it became the first county in China open to tourists from the outside world. Since then tourism has been rigorously promoted.

Yangshuo, like many old towns, has struggled with the challenge of preserving its past while providing tourist facilities that modern visitors demand. It took a major shakeup - to rethink its development plan. The town has done a lots to focus its energies on restoring and preserving its old town.

white water rafting holiday in Yangshuo Anyone who´s ever suffered travels through a ´real´ old town that ignores the tourist trade can appreciate the ability to read a menu, find artsy souvenirs and have not just tolerable but pleasant options for lodging and dining. Granted, this is not Koh Samui; English exists mainly on menus, and there are no 24-hour convenience shops. But the tourist amenities that do exist are helpful in a place in which history echoes off the cobblestone streets and where the photo opportunities would exhaust even a professional photographer´s thumb.

The old town doesn´t require any translation to enjoy its beauty. The best thing to do is just to wander around the old lanes and get lost. That´s easy to do, considering the lanes seem to follow no coherent plan. But not to worry; the place isn´t that big, and most streets lead to the main street – West Street that´s the hub of the town´s activity. In the early mornings, locals dance in a big circle around a bonfire and welcome tourists to join in. The shops along the street sell the trademark colourful ethnic minority embroidery, which can be a bargain if you´re up for the haggling.

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