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Nanning is the capital of the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region. Its dishes belong to the Guangdong Cuisine, mainly featuring light taste, but stressing freshness, delicacy, crispiness, smoothness and nutrition, varying with the seasons. There are many restaurants offering local special foods in Nanning, such as game dishes, seafood and ethnic food. The ethnic restaurants serve dozens of dishes including the Dong uttered Tea. Zhuang Glutinous Rice Cake and Yao Bamboo Chicken, etc.

Nanning, GuangxiNanning, with a glorious tradition, is remembered as a heroic city in the minds of Chinese people. For thousands of years, the city has undergone countless tests in battle. In the old days, Su Jian, head officer of this region in song Dynasty, once led the army and people throughout Yongzhou City to resist the Vietnamese aggressors, who were waging war against China. In modern times, the famous generals Liu Yongfu and Feng Zicai bravely safeguarded the region against French aggressors in a bid to defend their homeland. Moreover, the city has also witnessed glorious deeds by locals as following: the 1911 Revolution, the May 4th Movement in 1919, dispatching troops to aid the Northern Expeditionary Armies, the founding of the Seventh and Eighth Armies of the Chinese Workers' and Peasants' Red Army, the Baise Uprising paving the way for establishing the Zuojiang and Youjiang revolutionary bases, the Longzhou Uprising and the bloody Kunlunguan Campaign which gave a heavy blow to the Japanese aggressors. The local people have added an illustrious chapter to the history of defending the homeland and pursuing social progress by safeguarding the South Gate of the motherland and participating in the socialist construction of New China.
In 1958, Nanning became the capital of Guangxi Chuang Nationality Municipality.

Nanning, GuangxiGeography
Nanning City is located between 107o45'-108o51'eastern longitude and 22o12'-23o32'northern latitude. The downtown area lies in the Nanning Basin, one of the four largest in Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous region, with an average elevation of 80 to 100 meters. The highest point is 496 meters above sea level. The major river within Nanning is the Yujiang River, the largest tributary of the Xijiang River, and the section of it running through the city is known as the Yongjiang River and joins the Pearl River System.

Located to the south of the tropic of cancer, Nanning has a monsoon climate characteristic of the subtropical zone and is influenced by the regulation of a maritime climate. The city is full of sunshine with abundant rainfall, but with little frost and no snowfall. The annual average temperature is 21.7 degrees centigrade, with the annual average precipitation of 1300 mm.

The frost-free period is between 345 and 360 days. There is an old saying that "grass never withers, even in winter; flowers always bloom, even not in spring."

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