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Chengdu, (Rong for Short),capital of Sichuan province, is not only China's important industrial base, but also a well-know historical and cultural city in southwest china, with a history of 2,500 years. Covering an area of 12,390 square kilometers and a population of 9.8 million, with 7 districts and 12 counties. With the country's reform and opening to the outside world, Chengdu, an ancient city is now turning a new page and moving forward to a cosmopolitan city.

Tea house in ChengduChengdu is endowed with unique natural conditions and beautiful environment. It has a pleasant climate, and exquisite lush mountains. It's mountainous in the north-west area, with plains in the south-east area, and low hills in-between. It has a sub-tropical climate with an annual average temperature of 16.2 degree Celsius, and rainfall of 1.000 millimeters, and a frost-free period of about 300 days. Its mineral deposits include coal, iron, talcum, serpentine, dolomite etc. It abounds in agricultural resources.

Chengdu's main industries comprise machinery, chemicals, metallurgy, foodstuff, textiles, and especially measuring and cutting tools, airplanes, chemical equipment, analytical instruments, TV sets, computers, seamless-steel tubes, metal products, fertilizer, aluminum processing, electrical machines, wood-processing etc. which hold an important position in China. Chengdu is a major production base in China for commodity grains, rape seeds, and pigs, and abundant in peanuts, sesame seeds, cotton, sugar-canes etc. Famed as " Heavenly Land ", it has a rich supply of various products. Chengdu is a railroad hub in South-west China, and has convenient highway and air transport as well. Chengdu has embarked on the road of building itself into an international metropolis functioning primarily as the center, in South-West China, of science and technology, commerce, finance as well as communication and transport.

Dining in ChengduChengdu, abounds in tourist resources, such as Temple of Marquis Wu, a memorial shrine of the prime minister, Zhuge Liang of the Shu Kingdom (221-263A.D. ); Du Fu's Thatched Cottage, a monument to the Tang Dynasty(618-907 A.D)poet, Du Fu; Tomb of Wang Jian(847-918A.D) the emperor of the former Shu during the Five Dynasties period; Wenshu Monastery, an active Buddhist monastery housing 200 odd Buddhist figures and objects, Qingyang Temple, a well-known Taoist temple first built in the Tang Dynasty(618-907 A.D); the River-view Pavilion Park, a bamboo part suited for a quiet stroll. In the vicinity of the city, there are a 2000-year-old water conservancy project, Dujiangyan Irrigation System, a Taoist mountain called Qingcheng Shan (Green-city mountain) and a Buddhist monastery called Baoguang Monastery (Divine Light Monastery). In addition, about 160 kilometers away from Chengdu lies the largest Buddha statue Leshan Grand Buddha and a Buddhist sacred mountain, Mt. Emei. All the historical sites and scenic spots are well worth a visit, not to say, the tea houses, the local cuisine and the traditional arts and crafts. 

>> 1 day trip to visit Thatched Cottage of Du Fu, Chengdu

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