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Countryside of Beijing
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Country life has an undemanding pace. There is all the time in the world to stroll through vegetable gardens and orchards, and try tasty local dishes like boiled corn, baked corn cakes, and cornmeal dumplings with vegetable stuffing.

Heilongtan (Black Dragon Pool) tourist spot, in Shicheng, Miyun District, with its 18 pools in various shapes, and 220-meter-high waterfallThe 80 villages in Beijing's suburban areas nestle among a wealth of historic sites, natural landscapes, and folk customs. They offer something for everyone.

Heilongtan (Black Dragon Pool)
Located in Shicheng, Miyun District, with its 18 pools in various shapes, and 220-meter-high waterfall.

Hexi Folklore Village in Gubeikou Town
Scenic spots here include the Wohushan Great Wall, Yinshan Great Wall, and an ancient mosque. The village has a total accommodation capacity for 1,000 visitors. Accommodation inclusive of dinner: 35 yuan person/day

To get there: Take an air-conditioned coach (Beijing-Chengde) from Dongzhimen to Gubeikou, or the 7:00 am train to Gubeikou from Xizhimen Railway Station. By private car, take the Airport Road to Beigao and turn on to the Beijing-Miyun Road. Tel: 81051291

Miyun Longju Mountain Village local dishes are a big hit with visitors.Beikou Folklore Village, Gubeikou Town
This village's historic sites include the Panlongshan Great Wall, which is in its original state, the ancient Northern Qi Great Wall, and the ancient imperial road built in 1860. The village has a total accommodation capacity for 1,000 guests. Accommodation inclusive of dinner: 30 yuan person/day

Transport: Take the 7 a.m. train from Xizhimen Railway Station to Gubeikou, and then change to the shuttle bus service. Private cars should take the Airport Road, and turn on to the Beijing-Miyun Road. Tel: 81051133

Yaoqiaoyu Folklore Village
At this village can be witnessed authentic Mongolian customs and culture charmingly enacted by Mongolian ladies from the Xilin Gol Grassland.

Transport: Take the Dongzhimen-Miyun coach for Miyun, and then change to a local bus (Yunxiugu-Yaoqiaoyu). By car, take the Airport Road, turn on to the Beijing-Miyun Road at Beigao, and drive to Xinchengzi. Tel: 81022484

NB: The 15th day of the 12th lunar month to the 10th day of the first lunar month is the Spring Festival, when the atmosphere at folklore villages is particularly vibrant. In addition to yangko dances and folk art performances, firecrackers will be set off, New Year couplets pasted up, paper-cuts made and Chinese dumplings cooked. Reservations for this period should be made one week in advance.

Beijing Nanshan Ski Village
In addition to skiing activities, there is also fruit picking at Nanshan. Its orchards are scattered over the nearby mountain valleys that are inhabited by pheasants and roe deer. The most pleasant times to visit are summer and autumn, when the "Ping-Pong" and Jufeng grapes, Hongfushi and Guoguang apples, matsutake, walnuts, chestnuts and mushrooms may be picked.

Drive along the Beijing-Miyun Road following the road signs.

Best Picking Times

Early-late July: "Ping-Pong" grapes
Mid to late July: walnuts
Late July to mid-August: grapes
Late July to mid-September: Hongfushi and Guoguang apples
Late July-August: matsutake
August: chestnuts
Late September to mid-October: Hongfushi and Guoguang apples October: Mushrooms

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