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Hongluo Temple in Huairou District, amid lakes, mountains and gardens. Drained by the hustle and bustle of workaday life, urbanites seek a change of environment in their free time. Outside Beijing city, in the suburban districts and counties of Changping, Huairou, Miyun, Yanqing, Pinggu, and Mentougou, are various local folklore villages that welcome weekend and holiday guests.

Zhuanghu Folklore Village
A short distance from the Mutianyu Great Wall, this village offers the opportunity to pick fruits and chestnuts, and to go rainbow trout fishing. Altogether 35 households with a total 500 beds offer tourist accommodation. Accommodation inclusive of dinner: 25-30 yuan person/day.

To get there: Take bus No. 916 from Dongzhimen going to Huairou, and take a minibus to your specific destination. Private cars should take the Beijng-Shunyi Road at Sanyuan Flyover or Siyuan Flyover, and drive northward to Bohai Town, Huairou District. Tel: 61632679

Sunshanzi Folklore Village
This village is in Labagoumen Township, Huairou District, near a primeval forest, and is a showplace for Manchu ethnic customs. There are 60 households providing a total 600 beds for tourist accommodation. Accommodation inclusive of dinner: 25-30 yuan person/day

Transport: Take bus No. 936 from Dongzhimen. By private car, turn on to the Beijing-Shunyi Road from Sanyuan Flyover or Siyuan Flyover. Drive northward to Huairou, change to National Highway 111 and head northward. Tel: 60623511

Beijing Labagoumen Primeval Forest
Labagoumen, the primeval forest near the Manchu Ethnic Town of Huairou District, has forest coverage of 90 percent and abundant varieties of rare trees. Visitors have a wide choice of activities. In Spring they can look at its 40 square-kilometer area of azaleas and l

ilacs, make a summer trip around the resort, or enjoy the beautiful maple leaves in autumn. The Guest House in the area has dining and accommodation characteristics of the Manchu ethnic group. Tel: 60627640

To get there: Take bus No. 936 from Dongzhimen to Sunshanzi, then take a mini bus to your specific destination, or take Nos 936 or 916 for Huairou Department Store, and change to a minibus heading for Sunshanzi. Private cars should go to the Sanyuan or Siyuan Flyover and turn on to the Beijing-Shunyi Road, drive northward to Huairou, turn on to the National Highway 111, and head north.

Accommodation: 180-210 yuan for standard room, and 2,100 yuan for a siheyuan (quadrangle), which accommodates six people.

Mountain villas in Changyuan, Yanqi Township, Huairou District.Mountain Villas in Huairou District
The mountain villas in Changyuan, Yanqi Town, Huairou District are ideal vacation resorts. You can sit and look at the scenery on a sunny day, listening to folk music as you sip a cup of tea or coffee made from sweet local spring water. The delicious local rainbow trout is not to be missed.

Visitors may choose from villas, log cabins, or self-contained courtyards. Prices range from 50 to 200 yuan.

Transport: Take bus No. 916 from Dongzhimen to Huairou, and change to a mini-bus. Private cars should go to the Sanyuan or Siyuan Flyover, turn on to the Beijing-Shunyi Road, and drive northward to Huairou, following the road signs. Tel: 61627027, 61627396

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