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Stewart(China tour consultant) is preparing for cooking lessions(click to enlarge)Stewart was as intrigued by China's history and culture as he was impressed by its wealth of exotic travel destinations. Stewart is responsible for general management

My motto: We can not emphasize enough how helpful (and patient!) we have been with all of our planning and how prompt we were with communication.

Jane (,China tour consultant) is tring to keep balance on bamboo raft(click to enlarge)Hi, I am Jane Liuhong. In my childhood, I read the famous novel of Jane Eyre, I like Jane so much that I hope to become a independent and strong-willed woman like her oneday. 

I am the person who is handling programm delivery in this excellent team, I am so proud of working together with them, and I have a self-confidence that I can do it better.

Lina and Foring,China tour consultant(click to enlarge)Leo was born in 1979, a kind and easy-going youngman with great enthusiasm. He was seleted by the Chinese government to work as an interpreter for a big state-owned company in somewhere western Africa, he has deep commitment and enthusiasm for the region that is irresistible.

Lina and Foring,China tour consultant(click to enlarge)Lina and Foring are fresh blood of this team, the persons who answer most of your queries, reserve your hotel accommodations, issue your airline tickets, prepare your tour confirmation voucher, contact list of our different offices in China, stand by and receive your emergent telephone call on early Sunday Morning.

Jeff (,China tour consultant),our event manager,sinoway china travelAll girls in our office like Jeff's patience, care and understanding to people, and our guest quite appreciate his unique kind of humor.   A typical traditional Chinese gentlemen, you will not find so many left in this fast progressing world..

My motto: Being happy doesn’t mean everything is perfect , it means we have decided to see beyond the imperfections.

Bobby,China tour consultant(click to enlarge)Bobby was born and raised in a Dong Ethnic Village in Sanjiang county of Guangxi province, learn English by himself, words by words, mostly from his customers when he escorted the trekking tours in Guangxi and Guizhou...

Jenny Tan (,China tour consultant) - Our online  Sales ManagerJenny was excellent -- definitely the right person to send on a tour with younger kids -- and a fun, smart, extremely capable person to boot!

A fantastic young lady who helped our guests to see the "real" China. Her love of China and of people in general really works for those guests lucky enough to have her as a guide.

Fran Mo(pronounced Maw) is an excited grin, lovely, sweet, very attractive 22 year oldFran,China tour consultant (click to enlarge) young lady, she looked after guests' every need and anticipated their possible wants, offering them options for the days activities based on their specific interests. She speaks Japanese, English, Cantonese and Mandarin. She is very bright, personable and eager to show off her lovely section of the country. She was always upbeat and knowledgeable, but more than that personal as well. Guests learned a lot about the lifestyles in China as seen from her perspective.

Her motto is: “ If we can dream it, we can make it.”

Billy,China tour consultant (Click to see details)Billy worked in a tour company for 6 years, then worked in sales and marketing office at Holiday Inn Guilin for 2 years.  In 1994, he made a trip to United States and worked there as a culture representative in Walt Disney World for one year.  Now in Sinoway Travel, Billy is the director of sales and marketing. With such a cosmopolitan profile, he is a natural for the travel industry and he is eager to act as a cultural bridge to China.

Lily,China tour consultant (click to see details)Lily tried different kinds of occupations before being a professional guide, she is flexible to face those unexpected events and more knowledgeable to communicate with others. She really cherish her job, it always brings her fun!

Her motto is: "What guide is to his guests, as fish is to water. Without water, fish can’t be alive, and without guests, guide can’t survive. So be a kind ,happy guide and then we will have happy guests forever" 

Yuan - China Tour Guide in YangshuoYuan is our best guide in Yangshuo, she was born and raised in the village at Yangshuo, English is pretty good,  Her family runs a family style hostel in Licun village, which is located near the Moon Hill. She can always describe the different plants and ways of life of the local people you encounter.

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Stewart was as intrigued by China's history and culture as he was impressed by its wealth of exotic travel he has deep commitment and enthusiasm for the region that is irresistible.

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