Visit China to see my daughter who lives in Beijing
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    Visit China to see my daughter who lives in Beijing

    Dear Hanah,

    I was a neophyte international traveler as I began looking for a tour group to China. How does one put faith in information gleaned from the internet? (I later found out that there are indeed other online websites for people wanting to get more unsolicited information about particular tour groups, hotels, etc., but I didn't know that at the time.)

    I took solace from Sinoway Travel's website with the amount of information it carried as well as the multitude of links provided. We carefully compared advantages and disadvantages of three to four different tour companies and Sinoway Travel was a clear winner. The all-inclusive package was just that.

    The size of our group (17) was so much more comfortable than other groups I talked with which included upwards of 50 people. The feature of a national tour guide (for us, the wonderful Angela) who traveled with us throughout our trip made me feel secure in the great unknown of a vastly different culture. The clincher was the Dragon Spine Rice Terraces! No other company offered that option which looked so appealing and, in actuality, was so much more than I expected!

    My motive for visiting China was to see my daughter who lives in Beijing. Sinoway Travel was quite helpful in helping us arrange four extra days in the capital before meeting up with our group. They also worked it out so she could join us for the Peking Duck dinner in Beijing (an on-the-fly request) and for two nights in our hotel in Shanghai before we flew home.

    So, for me, Sinoway Travel offered the most interesting overall tour and the availability of a wonderful reunion with my daughter. If I ever get the chance to return to China, I will DEFINITELY choose Sinoway Travel again and recommend them to my friends.

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